NewsNet 23 Sep 2020

ER Visits, Deaths in CA Up From Smoke Inhalation


Smoke exposure is now linked to at least 1,000 deaths with an additional 5,000 emergency room visits. NewsNet's Danielle Radin reports.

President Trump released a video update from Walter Reed Medical Center, saying he felt ‘much better.'
Dr. Bob Lahita, a professor of medicine at New York Medical College and the chairman of medicine at St. Joseph's Healthcare System, said Friday that deaths due to COVID-19 aren't being seen at the same rates witnessed earlier this year. But he warned that anyone can die from the virus.
There's shock and anger in India after a 19-year-old gang raped and left for dead by her attackers, died in hospital. The victim belonged to the Dalit community, the lowest in India's caste system. She was left paralysed and severly injured by her alleged attackers, all upper caste men. They have been arrested. But the incident, less than 200 kilometers from Delhi has raised questions of a cover-up as well, especially after she was cremated in the dead of night by police, against her family's wishes.
CBC Marketplace investigates the growing trade of puppies imported to Canada in unsafe conditions from eastern Europe. Dogs that arrive sick with viruses and fake vaccination records are often sold on Kijiji. Marketplace gears up with hidden cameras to meet some of the sellers face to face. Who's behind the import of all these puppies?

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