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CGTN America 7 Feb 2020

Environmentalists and activists work to boast bee population in Mexico


The United Nations has cited a global decline in bee populations as a serious threat to plants critical to people and their livelihoods. The threats against them are many, including climate change, pollution and pesticide use.

Bees are a vital link in global food chains. Indeed, the founders of this organization estimate that 80% of all food crops in Mexico's Oaxaca State region are pollinated by bees. Quite simply, the agriculture industry would be in a world of trouble without them.

But many environmentalists and activists are working to boost bee numbers. CGTN paid a visit to one such group in southern Mexico.

After weeks on hold, construction and factory work will be allowed to resume in Italy. Industry accounts for nearly a quarter of the country's economy and the pause in work has dealt a major blow to the countrys finances. But as Giorgia Orlandi reports, factories are hoping that new rules will allow them to get back to full capacity.
He's seen as an unparalleled political survivor, and once again, he's got what he wants.
Benjamin Netanyahu will lead a fifth government in Israel. But for the first time, he won't be governing alone.
Netanyahu will be rotating the prime minister's job with his former rival Benny Gantz - 18 months each.
That power-sharing deal was agreed last month, ending a year of political deadlock in which three inconclusive elections were held.
The unity government - now sworn in - is a rarity in Israel's politics.
Gantz says it's needed to tackle the coronavirus during 'not normal times'.
But what about Netanyahu and his own battles? He's facing a corruption trial this month - the first sitting Prime Minister to do so.
He's also pressing ahead with a controversial plan to annex part of the occupied West Bank.

Presenter: Kamahl Santamaria

Mitchell Barak, CEO of the political consultancy Keevon Global Research.
Dahlia Scheidlin, columnist at +972 Magazine, a public opinion analyst and political strategist.
Akiva Eldar, former columnist at Al-Monitor and a contributor to Ha'aretz newspaper.
European Aid flights have been put on hold for weeks because of the ongoing Covid lockdowns. But for the first time since the pandemic started, an aid flight has left, taking coronavirus supplies and medical workers to the Central African Republic.
Guillaume Petit was at Lyon airport to witness its departure.
New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso joins Mike Greenberg on Get Up and discusses the experience he will be offering toward the All In Challenge that will help provide food for those in need during the coronavirus pandemic. Alonso also weighs in on the potential that MLB could hold all games in Arizona stadiums to salvage the season.
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