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CGTN America 6 Aug 2019

Environmental activist Mundano discusses the creation of the Cataki app for waste pickers


CGTN's Paolo Cabral spoke to Environmental activist Mundano about the creation of the Cataki app for waste pickers

WWE champion Drew McIntyre talks about being the star of Monday Night Raw and reminisces on his favorite memories from the historic show over the years. (2:48) McIntyre expresses his thoughts on becoming champion and being the face of the company, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. (4:36) McIntyre provides his opinion on UFC fighter Colby Covington having interest in the WWE, how he thinks he would fair in the ring and adds that he would be willing to fight Covington in real life. (9:41) McIntyre discusses interest in potentially fighting Tyson Fury, saying, he isn't focused on him at the moment and more looking forward to fighting other WWE superstars. (15:06) McIntyre talks about his history with playing video games as a kid and if he plays any now.
The monthly jobs report for April showed devastating results for the U.S. economy after more than 20.5 million Americans filed for initial unemployment claims. One America's Stephanie Myers spoke with the CEO of the Credit and Debt Management Institute, Dr. Michael Grayson, who explained ways small business owners and residents can reduce the financial hardships.
Opening remarks by António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations on the release of the updated COVID-19 Global Humanitarian Response Plan [delivered as video message].

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, in a recorded message, said, "we need 6.7 billion US dollars to protect millions of people and help stop the virus from circling back around the globe. Humanitarian aid is not just a moral imperative, it is a practical necessity to combat the virus. If COVID-19 wreaks havoc in the poorest classes, we are all at risk."

The $6.7 billion Global Humanitarian Response Plan calls for swift and determined action to stave off the most debilitating effects of the pandemic in 63 low and middle-income countries. While most of these nations have low COVID-19 caseloads, their surveillance, laboratory testing and health systems are weak, according to WHO.

The initial plan has netted $1 billion which has been used to install handwashing facilities in refugee camps and other vulnerable places, and to provide countries with medical supplies such as gloves, surgical masks, N95 respirators and testing kits.

New transport hubs for delivering supplies by air have also been established, while nearly two million people worldwide, including health workers, have been trained in virus identification via an online portal run by WHO.
DOJ drops criminal case against Michael Flynn after doubts emerge over the legitimacy of the investigation; Steve Hilton and Andy McCarthy weigh in.

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