Forbes 10 Apr 2020

Entrepreneur Claudia Recchi On Inspiring Young Women In Tech


This week on Unfiltered, we sat down with Edsights Cofounder Claudia Recchi to talk what inspires her, what her coworkers think of her and he irrational fear.

Under 30 Unfiltered is a show where we get candid with the members of the 30 Under 30 list. We ask them about what sacrifices they've made, what inspires them and more generally what's going on in their lives.

Tune in for the conmemoration of the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers. This day offers a chance to pay tribute to the uniformed and civilian personnel's invaluable contribution to the work of the Organization and to honour more than 3,900 peacekeepers who have lost their lives serving under the UN flag since 1948, including 102 last year.

This year, the challenges and threats faced by our peacekeepers are even greater than ever, as they, like people around the world, are not only having to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, but also support and protect the people in the countries they are based in. They are continuing their operations to the best of their abilities and supporting the governments and the local populations,  despite the risk of COVID-19. 

The theme for this year's Day is "Women in Peacekeeping: A Key to Peace" to help mark the 20th anniversary of the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security.
António Guterres (United Nations Secretary-General) on first observance of International Delegates Day (25 April)

We mark this first observance of International Delegates Day at a time when international cooperation has never been more important.
The COVID-19 pandemic demands united responses from all, without stigma and with a particular focus on the most vulnerable.
The delegates who represent their country at the United Nations are rising to the challenge, adopting new ways of working while building on a strong tradition of dialogue and collaboration.
I look forward to continuing our partnership as we strive to save lives, reduce human suffering and build a more peaceful, sustainable and equitable world for all.
India has dropped two places on the World Press Freedom Index, now ranking at 142 out of 180 countries.
Reporters Without Borders says a communications blackout in Indian-administered Kashmir, which made it increasingly difficult for journalists to report on what is happening in the region, played a significant role in that shift.
Their report calls the area a "vast open prison".
Yet, India's government maintains there is nothing short of absolute media freedom.

Al Jazeera's Elizabeth Puranam reports from New Delhi.
Live from WWII memorial on June 17th street in Berlin as Europe marks the 75th Victory in Europe Day.

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