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Inside Edition 7 Jan 2021

Enormous 'Garbage Island' Clogs River


Huge islands of garbage are causing trouble in the Balkans. Floating bodies of trash are piling up at dams in the region, and may even damage the power plants that operate there. On top of just being gross, environmental experts say all that trash threatens communities it passes through. They say it ends up in landfills that can catch fire and also leak toxic chemicals back into the waterways. One local said, "This is an ecological disaster, and it must not go on like this."

Recent heavy rainfall and flooding have caused rubbish and debris to be carried into Bulgaria's waterways.
A giant mass of rubbish that clogged a dam has finally been cleaned up in Bulgaria. Nearly 600 tonnes of garbage and debris were removed from the Iskar river near the capital Sofia.
When Los Angeles Chargers QB Phillip Rivers got off to a bad start and had to face the media every day and admitted he didn't know reporters he was talking to on a daily basis. He went on a self-scouting mission and started reading what they were saying and writing about him and after owning his criticisms the Indianapolis Colts' offense has turned their season around.
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An emergency COVID-19 field hospital on Staten Island has reopened as the number of infections as the number of coronavirus cases keep climbing. (Dec. 1)

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