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Associated Press 25 Mar 2020

Election 2020: Campaigning From Home


President Trump has been vocal this week about wanting to get the United States back up and running sooner rather than later, in order to save the economy from the Coronavirus fallout. This, while the US Senate struggles to pass a $2 trillion aid package. Plus, where is Joe Biden during all of this? Julie Pace answers all of your political-related COVID-19 questions on this episode of "Ground Game: Election 2020."

Will more people working from home help or hurt the economy?
This week, an Amazon employee in the Seattle area was diagnosed with the new coronavirus. Now the tech giant is asking all employees in the region to work from home through the end of the month.
As more and more people work from home, we revisit perhaps the greatest working from home moment ever. It happened in 2017. A professor named Robert Kelly was doing a remote interview with the BBC. It was supposed to be a serious interview. But his kids had other ideas. First, his 4-year-old daughter barged into the room. Then, his 9-month-old joined the party. Finally, Kelly's wife ran in to retrieve the little ones.
Productivity expert Holland Haiis gives tips on how to work from home without letting your productivity — or well-being — suffer.

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