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Voice of America 12 May 2020

Elderly Argentinian Does Aerobics During Coronavirus



The music of Pink Floyd plays as men and women move and stretch their bodies on the balconies of a building in Buenos Aires. 76-year-old gym teacher Irma Mogilevsky leads they way in loosening up and uniting her neighbors during quarantine.

Every day, this physical education teacher helps to exercise the muscles of her neighbors. Several of her students did not exercise before the quarantine that forced their confinement.


As Zoom use has increased during coronavirus and social distancing, ‘Zoom-bombing' has become a major issue. FOX Business' Jackie DeAngelis with more.
The owner of The Sand Bar on Tybee Island, Georgia, recently removed $3,714 in dollar bills customers stapled to the walls over the years. The money will now go to good use: She's giving it to her unemployed staff during the coronavirus pandemic.
Volunteers in an Indonesian village are dressing as "Pocong," a ghost from local folklore, to scare residents into staying home during the coronavirus pandemic.
President Trump insulted reporters and derided the media during another chaotic coronavirus task force briefing.

The US president threw accusations against news organisations, clashing with a reporter and once again saying the network was 'fake news'.

Watch his confrontation with CBS White House Correspondent Paula Reid.

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