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RT America 29 Apr 2019

Ecuador's price for selling out Assange


Julian Assange's father has called out the Ecuadorean government for selling out his son in exchange for an International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan, which cannot be secured without the blessing of the US. RT America's Dan Cohen joins News.Views.Hughes with the story.

In Yemen, scores of Covid-19 cases have been recorded across the country. But the UN warns that the virus is spreading largely undetected in a country in the grip of a civil war.

The BBC gained access to hospitals in the rebel Houthi-controlled capital, Sanaa, where medics are bracing for an outbreak with very few resources.
Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot announces a curfew from 9 p.m. till 6 a.m. until further notice. Light foot expressed her "total disgust" at the amount of protesters "who came to today's protest armed for all out battle." Lightfoot added, "You don't come to a peaceful protest with a bowling ball or a hammer ... I'm here to call you out."
In Myanmar, an estimated 350,000 internally displaced persons living in crowded and sometimes unsanitary conditions face the danger of a widespread outbreak of COVID - 19. Special teams are forming in some of the camps to help provide information and some equipment to prevent a disaster as the country comes to grips with the pandemic. Steve Sandford reports from Thailand.
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan says "some additional lower risk outdoor activities" will resume in time for Mother's day weekend amid the coronoavirus pandemic. (May 6)

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