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Al Jazeera 9 Oct 2019

Ecuador protests erupt for sixth day over fuel subsidy cuts


An overnight curfew is in place in Ecuador's capital Quito in areas close to government buildings.
This follows a clash by thousands of protesters with security forces during a sixth day of violent demonstrations.
Many are furious after the government scrapped a 40-year-old fuel subsidy - as part of economic reforms linked to an IMF loan.

AL Jazeera's Lucia Newman reports from Quito.

A kayaker who had been missing for five days was found alive floating in the Florida Everglades. Mark Miele, 67, disappeared after leaving for a weeklong solo kayaking trip. He was reported missing by his family when he failed to return. Luckily, rangers found his cell phone after it washed up on shoreand were able to use his last known location to track him down. The Collier Country Sheriff's office captured video footage of the miraculous rescue.
Damian Lillard goes off for a career-high 61 points against the Golden State Warriors, breaking his own Portland Trail Blazers record he set earlier in the 2019-20 NBA regular season (60 vs. Brooklyn Nets). Lillard's 61 points on Martin Luther King Jr. Day breaks Kemba Walker's previous record (52) he set against the Utah Jazz in 2016.
Iranians joined protests on the streets of Tehran and other cities for the second day in a row Sunday, following the Iranian government's admission that it shot down a Ukrainian Airlines passenger jet Wednesday, killing all 176 people on board. The government had previously insisted that allegations of a missile strike were Western propaganda. As Henry Ridgwell reports.
Iranian officials are trying to contain a third day of angry protests after the country admitted it accidentally shot down a Ukranian airliner. All 176 people on board, including 82 Iranians, were killed when the plane went down shortly after takeoff. CBS News senior foreign correspondent Elizabeth Palmer joined CBSN AM from London with more.

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