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CBS News 20 Oct 2020

Early voting begins in Wisconsin as the state sees a surge in new coronavirus cases


Early voting began in Wisconsin on Tuesday, as the state grapples with a recent surge in new coronavirus cases and hospitalizations. CBS News campaign reporter Adam Brewster discusses some of the safety measures in place at polling locations and how the key swing state is still up for grabs.

Rachel Maddow notes that even as the White House Coronavirus Task Force is recommending a "maximal degree" of social distancing in Wisconsin as the state struggles with the third highest rate of new cases in the U.S., Donald Trump intends to hold rallies this weekend in two of the state's "red zones." Aired on 09/30/2020.
What do recent events tell us about the state of Black people in the US today?
In the first episode of our new digital show #WeNeedToTalk, Malika Bilal talks to Jecorey Arthur, the youngest councilperson-elect for Louisville, Kentucky to discuss the upcoming US election and the Black agenda.
CNN's John King breaks down the latest coronavirus case numbers as 25 states see a rise in case counts. Only three states are trending down. The director of Johns Hopkins Center for Heath Security, Dr. Tom Inglesby, joins King to discuss.
Long lines formed at polling places across North Carolina on Thursday as the battleground state kicked off early in-person voting. (Oct. 15)

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