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The Guardian 19 Dec 2019

Dying young: 'It's not what you think'


Joe is 34 and is facing his own death. He was given a terminal cancer diagnosis and has already lived longer than doctors predicted. He tells Leah how dying was nothing like he had anticipated, and he and his friends discuss the impact this unexpected turn has had on how they view life

Former US President Barack Obama urged US high school seniors graduating this year to "do what you think is right" in his commencement address on Saturday.
Multiple reports suggest China wasn't providing accurate coronavirus-related data and concealed the extent of the outbreak early on during the pandemic. Health Minister Patty Hajdu says it's not for her to say whether China's behaviour should be investigated. "I don't have all of the evidence about what China did and didn't do."

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstein comments exclusively on what you can expect to heppen after NASA's scheduled launch of 'SPACEX,' which will be the first launch of it's kind in several respects. - with Newsmax TV's John Bachman

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Montreal's Melanie Fournier has COVID-19 and says anyone who thinks the virus is overblown should take it very seriously: 'This is not what you think it is.'

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