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Associated Press 9 Jan 2020

Drone security system watches over home from above


A drone company has launched a new home security system at the CES gadget show in Las Vegas. The system consists of sensors, drones and a water-proof charging system. (Jan. 9)

A plane brought 138 Thailand residents home from the coronavirus epicenter, Wuhan, China, Tuesday, February 4, and they immediately headed off for two weeks in quarantine.
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Experts say that you need to create a border around your home to protect from the coronavirus, and that border begins when you take out the garbage. There are many smalls steps that need to be taken into account to make sure the disease does not carry from one surface to another. We met a homeowner from Long Island who is taking extreme safety precautions to make sure her family stays safe - from wiping down deliveries to using a special opener for boxes that come to their home.
Much of the focus during the coronavirus outbreak has been on the most vulnerable, such as the elderly and anyone with underlying health conditions.
But the homeless are equally vulnerable and continuously overlooked.
If infected, they will not only have difficulty getting medical treatment but could also find it impossible to isolate themselves.
Al Jazeera's Victoria Gatenby reports.
Firefighter Chris Askew has become a viral sensation for his dance moves. The dad started dancing to stay positive while his son, who was born 10 weeks early, is in the neonatal intensive care unit. The family has received countless compassionate comments during a difficult time.

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