CNN 21 May 2020

Drone footage captures mass graves dug in Brazil


CNN's Nick Paton Walsh takes us inside of an ICU in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where medical personnel are struggling to meet the needs of those infected with coronavirus.


Authorities in Manaus, Brazil, have begun digging mass graves to bury the increasing number of coronavirus victims, Tuesday, April 21.
Drone footage shows a mass grave in New York City's Hart Island with dozens of coffins being buried.

Authorities in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro have dug more than 600 new graves to prepare for the possibility of an influx of victims from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The city has banned autopsies for people who died from the coronavirus and has decreed for all deceased people to be placed in closed coffins during the quarantine period.

Ukraine has so far reported 942 COVID-19 infections and 23 deaths.


▶️ Thousands of graves have been dug in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, Friday, May 1, as the country struggles to cope with the coronavirus outbreak.

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