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Fox Sports 16 Feb 2020

Dragons storm from behind to burn Vipers, 17-9


The Seattle Dragons grabbed their first victory in franchise history by defeating the Tampa Bay Vipers despite falling behind early. Dragons wide receiver Keenan Reynolds led the way with three receptions for 68 yards and a TD.

P.J. Walker and Cam Phillips added to their XFL-leading totals, with 352 passing yards, 3 TD's and 2 INT's for Walker, and 122 yards receiving and 2 TD's for Phillips in Houston's 32-23 win over Seattle. The Roughnecks came back from a 14-0 deficit and improved to a perfect 5-0 on the season.
Sam Mikulak was superb on his final rotations while his main rivals faltered, allowing him to win the American Cup for the first time since 2014
MSNBC's Ali Velshi discusses debt and the "trillion little pieces" that'll be left behind to future generations after the Trump administration.
An airline CEO says passengers should ask permission before reclining seats on a plane.That's angered many people online,already divided over reclining seats on flight. #ReclineGate. And, we finally know who created that viral 'Renegade' dance that's taken the world by storm.

From Washington, CGTN's Connie Lee tells us more about what's 'Gone Viral' in the Americas this week.

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