CNN 29 Jun 2020

Drag comedy trio brings 'The Golden Girls' center stage


The gentlemen behind drag comedy trio The Golden Gays NYC incorporate live music in their performances inspired by "The Golden Girls." Gerry Mastrolia, Jason B. Schmidt and Andy Crosten sat down with CNN to discuss the iconic TV show, its impact on the LGBTQIA+ community and the art of drag.

Los Angeles expanded a curfew, first set for downtown, to the entire city from 8 p.m. Saturday to 5:30 a.m. Sunday amid looting at The Grove shopping center.
San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge has long been something tourists flock to see. But now it's something people in the area can also hear — on a windy day, the landmark bridge actually emits a humming sound, puzzling and irritating many people who live as far as four miles away. It's all part of a new project on the 83-year-old bridge that makes it more aerodynamic. Handrail supports have been replaced with thinner vertical slats that whistle when high winds pass through them.
The House Judiciary Committee hearing on police brutality Wednesday came just days after House Democrats introduced a sweeping legislation on police reform. CBS News political reporter Grace Segers joined CBSN with more on the testimony, which including an emotional plea from the brother of George Floyd.
"Go NASA! Go SpaceX! Godspeed Bob and Doug!"

The NASA launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying the Crew Dragon capsule with two astronauts en route to the International Space Station successfully lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center.

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