MSNBC 16 Nov 2020

Dr. Gupta: We Can't 50 Different Approaches To Fighting Virus


Dr. Vin Gupta criticizes a state-by-state approach to battling the coronavirus as infection rates continue rising across the country. Aired on 11/16/2020.

Dr. Zeke Emanuel joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the surge in coronavirus cases in the Midwest and Northeast region. As the advisor to the Biden campaign on COVID, Dr. Emanuel says "It's two starkly different approaches. One, informed by science and public health and the other just ignoring those rules and recommendations in favor of trying to generate excitement around his campaign." Aired on 10/21/2020.
Mike Florio and Chris Simms draft their Week 7 goats (in a bad way) including Todd Gurley, Cam Newton and the Texans' defensive staff.
Mike Florio and Chris Simms draft their Week 9 goats (in a bad way) including Tom Brady, Pete Carroll and the Dallas Cowboys.
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