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Dr. David Millier on the Impact of Coronavirus in New York - Part 1


Dr. David Millier on the Impact of Coronavirus in New York - Part 1

Cristina Guevara, a program assistant with The Atlantic Council, talked about the impact COVID-19 has in Latin America.
Lincoln Mitchell, Adjunct Associate Professor of Political Science, Columbia University, talked about the impact of U.S. political turmoil on the economy
When the Indian government first imposed a lockdown against the coronavirus outbreak in March 2020, tens of millions of migrants fled the cities in which they worked as their food and incomes dried up.
Most travelled on foot, often thousands of kilometres, with many dying along the way.
One teenage girl hit the headlines for ferrying her injured father back home on the back of her bicycle.
Here is how she and some other migrants are faring months later.

Al Jazeera's Elizabeth Puranam reports from New Delhi, India.
Misinformation is both dangerous and running rampant in our society. So much so that BuzzFeed News goes as far as to say misinformation broke the United States in 2020. Lana Zak spoke with BuzzFeed News senior reporter Jane Lytvynenko about the impact of misinformation in this country.

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