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One America News Network 19 May 2020

Dr. David Millier on the Impact of Coronavirus in New York - Part 1


Dr. David Millier on the Impact of Coronavirus in New York - Part 1

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton comments exclusively on the prospects of mail-in voting ahead of the 2020 election cycle and fears of large gatherings amid the COVID-19 pandemic. - with Newsmax TV's Chris Salcedo

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Isiah Thomas explains the impact of his decision to not shake the hands with the Chicago Bulls after the 1991 NBA Eastern Conference finals and suggests the incident had something to do with him not making the dream team.
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Forbes CEO Mike Federle interviews medical anthropologist Paul Farmer at the eighth annual Forbes Healthcare Summit in New York City in 2019. In the one-on-one conversation before an audience of CEOs, scientists, doctors, patients and venture capitalists, Farmer reflected on the work of Partners In Health, which began in 1987 in Haiti. Last year the organization's clinics, now established in ten countries, conducted a million women's health checkups, among other services. More than 90% of maternal deaths occur in developing nations.

"If you look at any of the places where we've been lucky enough to work," Farmer said, "in every instance mortality has decreased and well-being has gone up...You need more than the government and established institutions to get these things to people who live in extreme poverty. We can't do our work without private philanthropy."

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