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Al Jazeera 4 Feb 2020

Donald Trump's 2020 State of the Union speech: top moments, analysis


US President Donald Trump delivered his State of the Union address on Tuesday night, on the eve of his likely impeachment acquittal and in the aftermath of the chaotic first votes of the Iowa caucus to replace him.

Al Jazeera's Kimberly Halkett reports live from Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on the main takeaways of that speech.
Derrick Plummer is a Democratic strategist and joins us live from Washington, DC for his reaction to Trump's speech.

Here at One America News, we know Americans are facing historical challenges and enduring struggles our nation has never seen before. While things can seem uncertain, there's never any doubt that our commander-in-chief, President Donald Trump, is fighting hard to keep us safe and put America first.

That commitment was made clearer than ever during President Trump's 2020 State of the Union address. One America News feels it's important to remind Americans there's still reason to hope and to feel pride in their nation.

Join One America News for an encore presentation of President Trump's historic 2020 State of the Union address Sunday, May 31st at 11 a.m. EST / 8 a.m. PST!
Adam Rosenbaum, CEO of The Meatball Shop in New York City, speaks with Tanya Klich, Lifestyle & E-commerce reporter, about the state of the restaurant industry, and new hygiene practices to ensure safety for customers.

Forbes 'Ask The Expert' is a 10-20 minute talk show streamed on Instagram Live every weekday at 12:00 PM EST. Forbes editors will discuss the latest issues surrounding fears, myths, challenges and opportunities our world is facing from this pandemic and offer knowledgeable solutions and commentary. There will be a variety of guests with varying areas of expertise, and our community will be given the chance to engage via Q+A towards the end of the call. In addition to Youtube, these videos will also be distributed across Forbes' social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe on the latest news surrounding the Premier League including thoughts on the #PlayersTogether campaign to help fund the National Health Service with its COVID-19 treatment and relief (1:25). Plus, the gents begin their "State of the Premier League" series providing in-depth analysis of all 20 Premier League clubs starting at the top of the table with Liverpool (5:50) and Manchester City (28:20).
Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe react to the Dutch Eredivisie voiding its season before analyzing Manchester United, Wolves and Sheffield United in another edition of "State of the Premier League."

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