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CBS News 9 Jan 2020

Dog welcomes owner home from deployment


Video of this dog welcoming his owner back home after a six-month deployment in the Middle East is pure joy. The adorable pup could not contain his excitement.

Thanks to Astronaut Christina Koch, we know what it looks like when your dog welcomes you home after a year in space. Aired on 02/13/20.
A plane brought 138 Thailand residents home from the coronavirus epicenter, Wuhan, China, Tuesday, February 4, and they immediately headed off for two weeks in quarantine.
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Experts say that you need to create a border around your home to protect from the coronavirus, and that border begins when you take out the garbage. There are many smalls steps that need to be taken into account to make sure the disease does not carry from one surface to another. We met a homeowner from Long Island who is taking extreme safety precautions to make sure her family stays safe - from wiping down deliveries to using a special opener for boxes that come to their home.
The three people attacked by the pack of dogs were taken to hospitals. A Winnipeg man who tried to break up a vicious attack said one of them appears to be the dogs' owner, although police have not finished doing interviews yet.

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