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Inside Edition 9 Aug 2020

Dog Back With His Human After Chasing Coyote Into Wildfire


A dog named Buck is home after a harrowing experience. Buck and his human, Greg, live in southern California, near the Apple Fire. The fire nearly burned down their home; it was only thanks to the work of firefighters that the house is still standing. The fire also flushed out wild animals from the hills, onto Greg's property. Buck ran off in hot pursuit of a coyote, and didn't come back. Greg thought he might never see his friend again.

Memphis Grizzlies rookie guard Ja Morant speaks with reporters after losing to the Portland Trail Blazers in a play-in game for the NBA playoffs. Morant looks back at his first season in the league and discusses what he was proud of as the team looks to progress next season.

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As wildfires ravage the western United States, some photographers are capturing breathtaking photographs and video of the blaze. A news helicopter in Scottsdale, Arizona spotted a man out for a morning jog who suddenly found himself surrounded by flames. The KPHO-TV chopper watched as the jogger, Trevor Murphy, tried to stomp out the flames with his sneakers. Inside Edition spoke with Murphy Monday. Meanwhile, the Gulf Coast braces for a storm double-whammy.
At a "Latinos for Trump" event in Phoenix, Arizona, President Trump attacked Joe Biden's record with Hispanic Americans.
Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, voiced his support for moving forward with a vote on President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court, claiming the decision was "consistent with history." Aired on 9/22/2020.

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