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NBC News 20 Mar 2020

Doctors Risk Their Lives While Facing Crippling Shortages


Major cities are warning they could run out of protective equipment for doctors and nurses within weeks, if not days. Many are now making their own masks and automakers are offering to step in to make ventilators.

Coronavirus crisis puts more than 76 million Americans under virtual lockdown, with critical medical supply shortage, health workers forced to re-use protective gear, and unemployment soars amid pandemic.

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1:43 76 Million Americans In 4 States Ordered ‘Stay At Home'
3:49 U.S. Borders Closing To Non-Essential Travel
4:02 Spring Break Crackdown On Beachgoers In Florida
4:48 Olympics Under Mounting Pressure To Postpone Or Delay Tokyo Games
5:14 Emergency Room Doctors In Crisis On The Front Lines
5:24 Health Care Workers Reusing Protective Equipment
5:29 Critial Shortage Of Life-Saving Ventialtors
7:05 U.S. Completes Over 117,000 Tests But Demand Soaring
7:22 Doctors Risk Their Lives While Facing Crippling Shortages
8:07 Unemployment Soars Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
9:48 Trump: I 'Don't Think' A National Lockdown Necessary
10:03 Congress prepping $1 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Package
10:16 Trump Lashes Out After Question About 'Scared' Americans
11:29 Member Of Vice President Pence's Office Tests Positive
12:13 Nbc News Veteran Larry Edgeworth Dies From Coronavirus
14:11 Deadliest Day In Italy With Over 600 New Fatalities
15:47 Cancer Treatments Delayed By Coronavirus Response
18:15 Parents Tasked With Helping Children Learn From Home
23:37 What's The Risk Of Coronavirus For Pregnant Women?
The unsung heroes of the coronavirus crisis are doctors and nurses on the front lines taking care of patients in hospitals worldwide. Around the world, medical personnel are risking their lives to help the stricken. In New Rochelle, New York, medical workers donned Hazmat suits at a drive-thru testing center. The sleepy town has become the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the US. "I marvel at their courage," said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, praising workers on Sunday's '60 Minutes.'
Desperate migrants hiding in the back of freight trucks to get to Britain on ferries had been the target, but now smugglers have switched their tactics and record numbers are now risking their lives, attempting to get across the English Channel, from France to the UK, in small boats…
Acquired brain injury is the leading cause of death and disability for Canadians under the age of 40. Here are four Canadians who share how their lives have changed after suffering a concussion.


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