CNN 19 Nov 2020

Doctor's Facebook profile reported as fake after sharing his Covid-19 story


Dr. David Burkard, a 28-year-old emergency room physician, shares a cautionary tale after his battle with Covid-19 left him struggling to breathe. CNN's Sara Sidner has the details.

As the U.S. continues to deal with a rise in COVID-19, So is Europe.

And France, like much of the continent, is struggling to get control of an autumn surge in cases after a record-setting weekend.

NewsNet's Europe correspondent Ryan Thompson has more from Lyon, France.
The first cruise ship to sail since the pandemic began is returning to port after someone on board tested positive for COVID-19. Just four days into the Caribbean cruise on the Sea Dream 1, passengers heard the alert: "We have one or more COVID patients on board. We therefore kindly request all of you to return to your state rooms." As Inside Edition interviewed travel reporter Gene Sloan aboard the ship, crew members in hazmat suits came into his cabin to take his temperature.
Spain became the first in western Europe to surpass the milestone after the latest daily recorded COVID-19 cases brought the total to 1,005,295 so far.
According to wedding site The Knot, 97% of couples have postponed their weddings because of the coronavirus pandemic. And one Long Island couple may be wishing they had, too, after their lavish wedding turned into a super spreader event and prompted condemnation from Governor Andrew Cuomo. Thirty-four guests and staff have since tested positive for COVID-19, 159 people have been quarantined and six schools have been temporarily shut down. Cuomo called the wedding "obnoxious and irresponsible."

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