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CBS News 8 Oct 2020

Doctor says no, Trump is not immune from coronavirus


Dr. Dyan Hes, founder of Gramercy Pediatrics in New York, joins CBSN to discuss President Trump's claim he may be immune from coronavirus. She also weighs in on mixed messaging from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about COVID-19.

With just three weeks until the presidential election, Joe Biden continues to hold the lead in many polls. Kyle Kondik, managing editor of Sabato's Crystal Ball from the University of Virginia's Center for Politics, joins CBSN to discuss their reporting showing President Trump is not making up ground.
The White House doctor has said the president is not considered a transmission risk, without declaring that he had tested negative for the virus.
Jason Johnson, Professor at Morgan State University, discusses the complicated history of Trumpism and reveals that even if Trump is removed from office, there is the potential another politician with similar policies and tactics could rise within the Republican party. Aired on 10/23/2020.
Sarah Longwell, founder of Republican Voters Against Trump, joins Ali Velshi to discuss why this is "not a moment for partisanship" and how Donald Trump's lies should unite republicans & conservatives in voting against him. Aired on 09/25/2020.

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