ESPN 22 May 2020

DJ Jazzy Jeff recalls how he became an unstoppable duo with Will Smith in the 90s


DJ Jazzy Jeff joins Richard Jefferson on Instagram Live and shares how he decided on his infamous name. Jazzy Jeff also recalls what it was like to be apart of 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' and his relationship with Will Smith.


Legendary performer DJ Jazzy Jeff, was frightened when he came down with symptoms related to COVID-19. After returning home to Delaware from a job in Idaho, he started feeling extremely ill. "That was the first time that I had two moments of me being sick that I said to myself, "Wow, this is how I'm going out,'" he said. He credits his wife, Lynette, for saving his life.'s Stephanie Officer has more.
Jeff Van Gundy joins First Take and addresses the biggest challenges the NBA could face if the 2019-2020 season resumes. Van Gundy also discusses how he managed to prepare the New York Knicks to face Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s.
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The U.S. Air Force's Thunderbirds and Navy's Blue Angels conducted flyovers in New York City and other cities in the Northeast on Tuesday to salute to frontline workers fighting the coronavirus pandemic. CBSN's Vanessa Murdoch reports.
Shortly before Von Miller tested positive for COVID-19, Christine Williamson interviewed him about his love for DJing, Drew Lock and the Denver Broncos' defense.


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