Forbes 1 May 2020

DJ Emma Burgess-Olson On What's Stopped Inspiring Her


This week on Unfiltered from home, we spoke with Discwoman Cofounder Emma Burgess-Olson about what has stopped inspiring her, her irrational fear and overcoming comfort to chase a bigger goal.

Voters won't just be electing a president this November, they'll be deciding which state lawmakers get to draw new congressional districts, an exercise that could reshape the political landscape for years to come.
Tina Ma has taken over grocery shopping for her elderly parents during the pandemic. The challenge of shopping at the Chinese grocer has required some language lessons and even a video call while at the butcher's counter.
Krystal and Saagar discuss Whoopi Goldberg's Jill Biden gaffe on The View, calling her a, "hell of a doctor", when Jill Biden is in fact, a teacher.
South Korea has been widely praised for its response against covid-19.

They've seen 10,000 cases and 214 deaths - still very sad but nothing on the scale seen here or in many other countries. So what's the secret to their relative success?

Sophy Ridge talks to South Korea's ambassador to the UK Enna Park.


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