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Fox Sports 14 Dec 2020

Did the Steelers Trick Us with How Good They Were? - Charlotte Wilder


Charlotte Wilder can see the hot takes now: that Pittsburgh was never that good. She thinks the Steelers are losing steam by losing two in a row, but Buffalo has found their savior in Josh Allen.

After an Indiana University student was denied a spot in the student government's Supreme Court for past comments made in support of law enforcement, reporter Ophelie Jacobson reacts to the claims of 'impartiality' made by the school with Newsmax TV's Emma Rechenberg. - via National Report, weekdays at 9AM ET on Newsmax TV
As winter nears, restaurant owners are waiting on Washington DC's long delayed stimulus bill to help them survive.
Mike Florio and Peter King break down the impact of Bud Dupree's season-ending injury and the Steelers' next-man-up mentality.
In this festive edition of the show, our music critics Marjorie Hache and Florence Villeminot take a look back over the highs and lows of 2020. This year, the world was brought to a standstill by the Covid-19 pandemic, which inevitably impacted the music industry as whole. How have artists coped with the various lockdowns and restrictions? What were the big hits of the year and our favourite interviews? And what are we looking forward to in 2021?

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