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DHS, ICE target at-large illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities across U.S


The Department of Homeland Security works with ICE to target sanctuary cities where officials said local law enforcement agencies are protecting illegal immigrants with criminal backgrounds from facing justice. One America's Kyarra Harris explains.

Turkish troops in northwestern Syria have been evacuating one of their largest military bases in the area, which was surrounded by Syrian government troops for months, activists said Tuesday.

There was no immediate comment from Turkish officials.

Activists and opposition media platforms reported the military evacuation, posting footage and photos of Turkish trucks and equipment driving north of Morek.

Turkish TV station Haberturk quoted unnamed officials saying that Turkey is moving the base to an area farther north in the northwestern province of Idlib still controlled by Syrian opposition forces backed by Ankara.

It was not immediately clear whether the withdrawal is part of a deal to reposition Turkish observation points inside the opposition-held enclave or is aimed at reducing Turkey's military presence in the area.

MSNBC National Security Analysts Clint Watts reacts to the headline, first reported by BuzzFeed News, that the suspect accused of killing two people at protests against the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin, attended a Trump rally in January. Aired on 08/27/2020.
Joe Biden and his granddaughter Finnegan stopped at a Cook Out in North Carolina on Sunday for a milkshake.
Several U.S. cities who declared themselves sanctuary cities are promising not to cooperate with federal immigration law enforcement. One America's Christina Bobb sat down with ICE Associate Executive Director of Enforcement and Removal Ops Henry Lucero to learn more about the unintended consequences of these policies.

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