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Associated Press 30 Mar 2020

Democrats: Speak out against xenophobic attacks


House Democrats are urging Americans to join in solidarity with Asian Americans to push back against xenophobic attacks, which attempt to blame Asians for the pandemic. (March 30)

Relatives of the 92-year-old Asian man who appeared to be thrown to the ground in an alleged racially motivated attack in Vancouver say he's "is doing well after the incident." In an email to CBC News, they wrote xenophobia "is on the rise and we hope that as a community we can stand together to help protect the next person this may happen to."
Lana Condor, Eugene Lee Yang, Lea Salonga and Margaret Cho discuss racism faced in the Asian American community during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In a survey of 1,200 nurses across the U.S., a majority said they feel their institution is not prepared for COVID-19 and are concerned about exposing their families. Nurses speak out to NBC News' Stephanie Gosk about the exhaustion and anxiety they're feeling.
Dr Rick Bright, who was forced out of his role leading a search for a coronavis vaccine, has spoken out against president Donald Trump.

He was one of many medical professionals who have disagreed with president Trump's eagerness for the US to leave lockdown as soon as possible.

The United States leads the world with the number of dead linked to COVID-19, at more than 85,000

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