Newsy 7 Oct 2020

Democrats Push For Pentagon Probe Into COVID-19 Spending


Democrats are calling for an investigation into the Pentagon's COVID-19 spending just days after Rep. Adam Smith said there wouldn't be one.

Conservatives are calling for a sweeping probe of Canada's response to COVID-19, but the Liberal government says wide-ranging hearings are impractical and could paralyze the work of civil servants responding to the pandemic's second wave.
Health Minister Patty Hajdu says the government will provide documents to the opposition related to its COVID-19 response, but she's concerned gathering that information will take time away from public servants working to address the second wave of the pandemic.
It was a family backyard barbecue that turned into a COVID-19 nightmare. Tina Smith says her family hadn't seen each other in months when they got together in her sister's backyard near San Bernardino, California. No one was showing any symptoms, and they stayed outdoors the whole time - though there were a few hugs and social distancing was not practiced. Soon, 10 of the 12 attendees had contacted the virus. Tina was hospitalized for three weeks, and her husband was in the ICU for two months.
Thousands of people turned out on the streets of Berlin to march against coronavirus restrictions, demanding the right to not live under any restrictions.
The police force has tried to convince the courts to shut the protests down, arguing that this many coronavirus sceptics gathered in one place was sure to accelerate the spread of COVID-19.

Al Jazeera's Dominic Kane reports from the German capital, Berlin.

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