The Hill
The Hill 13 Jan 2021

Democratic lawmaker makes LAST FLOOR SPEECH calling for Trump impeachment


Rep. Cedric Richmond, who will soon be joining the incoming Biden Administration, calls for President Trump's impeachment.

Rep. Maxine Waters calls for President Trump's impeachment.
Rep. Jerry Nadler argues for President Trump's impeachment.
A growing number of lawmakers, including some Republicans, are calling for President Trump to be removed from office after his supporters stormed into the U.S. Capitol. CBS News senior national security analyst Fran Townsend, who served as Homeland Security and counterterrorism adviser to President George W. Bush, joins CBSN's "Red and Blue" anchor Elaine Quijano with more on how law enforcement will go about prosecuting the criminal activity.
After Wednesday's U.S. Capitol siege by President Trump supporters, anti-Trump protesters are calling for his impeachment in some U.S. cities. The Washington Post reports, Democrats are considering a second impeachment if Vice President Pence and Cabinet officials don't remove Trump from office under the 25th amendment. #whitehouse #impeachtrump

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