CNN 12 Nov 2020

'Dejected' Trump waffles over waging baseless election fight


CNN's Kaitlan Collins reports on President Trump's attitude and strategy days after President-elect Joe Biden's victory.

This year's U.S. presidential election could be the country's most legally-contested election. Thousands of lawyers, volunteer attorneys and poll watchers are preparing for the election fight. #US2020Election
Democrat Joe Biden says President Donald Trump "has just given up" on fighting the coronavirus, and he says the American people deserve better. Biden took a pause from campaigning Wednesday to get a virus briefing from public health experts. (Oct. 28)
Trump's path to reelection appeared to get narrower as more mail ballots were being counted. Biden was fast catching up with Republican incumbent's leads in Pennsylvania and Georgia. Meanwhile, Trump sought to undermine the confidence in the US election by making unsubstantiated claims about the integrity of the results.

Several US networks cut short the live broadcast of what was Trump's first public appearance since election night, after concluding that the president was making false statements.
President Donald Trump's attorney in his Pennsylvania election lawsuit has already acknowledged there are no "bombshells" that will "derail a Biden presidency."

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