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DW News 18 Jan 2020

Deadly virus from China has global health officials on alert


Health officials around the world are sounding the alarm over a deadly new coronavirus that has led to an outbreak of pneumonia in central China, where it's already killed two people in the city of Wuhan. There are dozens of confirmed cases, but scientists say there are likely many more that have not yet been diagnosed. As the number of cases rise, officials fear a larger outbreak of the virus and are taking steps to prevent it from spreading to other countries, especially as people travel for the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday.

Health officials across Latin America are bracing for a surge in coronavirus cases as the summer holiday season comes to an end.
The continent's first case was recorded in Brazil on Wednesday.

Al Jazeera's Lucia Newman reports from Chile's capital Santiago, where preparations for an outbreak are already under way.
CNN's Alex Marquardt looks at the record of well-respected global health expert Dr. Deborah Birx as she moves into the West Wing to work on President Trump's coronavirus task force.
In the wake of the latest California case, U.S. health officials on Thursday expanded their criteria for who should get tested, and took steps to increase testing. (Feb. 27)
Ben Rhodes and Jon Meacham join Yasmin Vossoughian to discuss how President Trump is handling his role in dealing with the coronavirus compared to President Obama's handling of the ebola crisis and other presidents' handling of major public health crises. Aired on 2/27/2020.

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