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DW News 18 Jan 2020

Deadly virus from China has global health officials on alert


Health officials around the world are sounding the alarm over a deadly new coronavirus that has led to an outbreak of pneumonia in central China, where it's already killed two people in the city of Wuhan. There are dozens of confirmed cases, but scientists say there are likely many more that have not yet been diagnosed. As the number of cases rise, officials fear a larger outbreak of the virus and are taking steps to prevent it from spreading to other countries, especially as people travel for the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday.

Top U.S. health officials contradicted President Donald Trump over claims the president made at last weekend's rally "to slow the testing down" for the coronavirus. (June 23)
Top health officials faced tough questions on Capitol Hill about a vaccine for the coronavirus and the need for transparency in the process. (June 30)
Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa said Tuesday that his country could learn from China's experience in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic to a visiting medical team from China who shared knowledge and experience battling the virus.
Rachel Maddow looks at Donald Trump's inability to manage public health leadership on the coronavirus crisis and shares passages from an editorial in The Lancet that explains how the compromised state of the CDC under Trump hurts the global disease response capability. Aired on 5/15/2020.

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