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The Hill 18 Oct 2020

David Goodhart: Why Our Contempt For Workers Is Killing Democracy


Author, David Goodhart, discusses his new book, "Head, Hand and Heart: Why Intelligence Is Over-Rewarded, Manual Workers Matter, and Caregivers Deserve More Respect." He also discusses the hardships many blue collar workers are facing.

Seaweed is used in more than just sushi. It can be found in almond milk, baby food and lotion. Kelp is used in medicine, animal feed, fertilizer and even as a biofuel. That's why the commercial seaweed market size could surpass $85 billion by 2026, according to Global Market Insights. Seaweed farmer Bren Smith says all one needs to start in the business is $20,000, twenty acres and a boat, and that investment in a single seaweed farm can net up to $90,000 to $120,000 per year. Here's why the global demand in seaweed is expected to boom in the coming years.
Executive Editor of The American Prospect, David Dayen, explains why universal family cares should be at the top of the progressive agenda.
Longtime radio personality and political commentator Dr. Michael Savage comments exclusively on the Biden-Harris campaign's stance on law enforcement, the way prominent Democrats are reacting to ongoing wildfires in California, and more. - with Newsmax TV's Chris Salcedo

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People told to isolate by the contact-tracing app are not able to claim government financial support, Sky News has learned,.

It raises fears that low-paid workers will be forced to choose between health and hardship.

Workers with low incomes on benefits are entitled to receive £500 if they cannot work from home while they self-isolate.

But a hidden flaw in the process for claiming the payment means they can only claim the support if they are given a code by a human contact tracer.

Someone who tests positive for coronavirus and receives their result through the app can get the payment because they will be referred to NHS Test and Trace for manual contact tracing by telephone call.

But anyone who is told to isolate by the app for people in England and Wales because they have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 cannot claim the payment, even if they are entitled to it because the app's privacy-protecting design means their identity remains secret.

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