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The Hill 29 Jan 2020

Dave Chappelle scorches Don Lemon's view at Andrew Yang event


Press Secretary of Heritage Action for America chimes in on Don Lemon's apology for laughing at comments directed at Trump supporters.

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang gets a big endorsement from Dave Chappelle. The legendary comedian will stump for Yang with performances in South Carolina. No word on whether Chappelle has a Yang impersonation but in this clip, you'll see Chappelle is no stranger to political impersonations. Aired on 01/14/20.
2020 Democratic candidate Andrew Yang discusses his poll numbers in Iowa, why he expects to 'overperform' in the state's caucuses, why he believes Trump has not tweeted about him and if he'll vote for the Dem nominee regardless of who clinches the nomination.
Andrew Yang, presidential candidate, sits down with three voters at a restaurant in New York City for a conversation about the issues.
During a town hall in New Hampshire, Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang answers why he believes he is the best candidate to face President Donald Trump on the 2020 debate stage, how he'll deal with the climate crisis, and where the economy is failing Americans.

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