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BBC News 23 Feb 2020

Date night couple foil attempted armed robbery


Off-duty police officers Chase and Nicole McKeown were eating dinner when they noticed an armed man enter the restaurant they were in.

The married couple tell BBC News how they sprang into action and stopped the man attempting a robbery at Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers at the Mid City Mall in Louisville, Kentucky.

The would-be thief was later arrested.

While his wife is on bed rest in the hospital, awaiting the birth of their son, Bob Conlin has been setting up "date nights" outside of her window. She can't have any visitors due to coronavirus - but she can look outside and see her husband, who often brings treats, signs and friends.
Bob Conlin thought of a creative way to support his wife Shona while she is hospitalized awaiting the birth of their first child.
Here's the latest for Sunday, May 3: Russia's new virus cases exceed 10,000; Little economic relief expected as Iceland lifts lockdown; Venezuelan officials say they foiled attempted invasion; Eiffel Tower shines in honor of frontline workers. (May 3)
It's a double celebration for this husband and wife who beat the coronavirus and are now being released from the hospital at the same time. The couple, who has been married for 45 years, were admitted on the same day, and after a long stay, were sent off by cheering doctors and nurses. Bright blue lights have illuminated the night sky across the U.S. to honor the brave healthcare workers risking their lives to help those most in need.

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