Newsy 16 Oct 2020

CVS, Walgreens Will Give Free COVID Vaccines At Nursing Homes


CVS and Walgreens have partnered with the government to distribute COVID-19 vaccinations to long-term care facilities at no cost.

President Trump announced an agreement with CVS and Walgreens to help deliver coronavirus vaccines to those in nursing homes at no cost when they are available while speaking in Florida.
Mexico tortilla shop gives free TV, internet for school kids
Free COVID-19 tests for blood donors in Peru
Attorney Mark Zaid, who is representing Department of Homeland Security whistleblower Brian Murphy, joins Hallie Jackson as his client prepares to speak out to investigators and to members of Congress. Zaid hits back at claims his client's reports were in response to a recent demotion, saying Murphy has been filing complaints for over 2 years. Aired on 09/10/2020.

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