MSNBC 26 Aug 2020

Cunningham: Trump Talks Fear, But Black Americans Are The Ones Being Shot


Fmr. member of the Obama task force on policing, Brittany Packnett Cunningham, reacts to the culture war messaging and talk of fear coming from the president and the speakers at his Republican National Convention. Aired on 08/27/2020.

A recent article in the New York Times Magazine titled "How the Black vote became a monolith" looks at the history of Black voters aligning their support behind one party or another. Theodore Roosevelt Johnson is the author of that story and he joined CBSN to discuss how the fight for the rights of Black Americans shaped voting patterns.
An ABC investigation in partnership with ABC Owned Stations discovered that in a number of major cities, Black Americans are far more likely to be stopped by the police than white Americans.
While Stephen A. Smith believes the Lakers should be favored against the Heat in the NBA Finals, he doesn't agree with them being such lopsided favorites.
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Earlier today, President Trump attacked Joe Biden's record as it pertains to Black Americans in a speech in Atlanta, Georgia.

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