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Voice of America 13 Feb 2020

Cruise Ship Stranded Over Coronavirus Fear Docks in Cambodia


A cruise ship, which had been stranded at sea for two weeks, finally was able to dock in Cambodia, Thursday, February 13.
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More than 3,000 people, including 428 Americans, are quarantined on a cruise ship near Japan after a passenger tested positive for coronavirus. A separate ship in Hong Kong is partially quarantined after crew members began showing symptoms.
A cruise ship that has been at sea for two weeks has docked in Cambodia after it was turned away by four other governments in the region.
There are no confirmed coronavirus cases on board, but everyone is being tested before they can disembark.
Al Jazeera's Wayne Hay reports from Sihanoukville.
Passengers aboard the Holland America cruise ship were finally allowed to dock in Cambodia after two weeks at sea, while a ship in Japan is still locked down. Scientists are now racing to develop a vaccine to combat the highly infectious virus.
A cruise ship carrying people who may be infected by the deadly coronavirus has returned to Hong Kong after being denied entry to Taiwan. Health officials say 30 members of the World Dream crew are showing symptoms. China says the number of people infected by the coronavirus has now topped 24,000. Almost 500 have died. Several cities in China are on lockdown - notably the city where the virus was first detected, Wuhan. Efforts are being made there to test and treat patients. But it seems that not all is going as smoothly as the Chinese government wants its people to believe.

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