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Voice of America 11 May 2020

Crowdsourcing App Helps Shoppers Find Essential Supplies in COVID Era


For anxious shoppers every grocery store visit is a big event. A Washington, D.C., entrepreneur developed OurStreets,  a crowdsourcing app which he has repurposed so that users can share store inventory information and help make shoppers' trips for essential items more efficient. VOA's Calla Yu has more.

On Monday, Uber introduced Work Hub, a new feature that can connect drivers with work opportunities.
Apple and Google said the contact tracing software they're working on will collect data using Bluetooth, not GPS tracking.
Elaine Reyes spoke with Jack Bobo, working at the Futurity Company, about the impact new consumer trends are having on farmers.
City and state leaders say New York plans more testing in minority communities amid new data showing disparities in COVID-19 impacts.

"We're going to double down on the strategies that reach people who are the most vulnerable," Mayor Bill de Blasio says. abcn.ws/39TIjKg #newyork #minoritycommunities #coronavirus #covid19 #inequality #newyorkcity #billdeblasio #andrewcuomo

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