Euronews 28 Mar 2020

COVID-19: Wuhan partially reopens from months-long isolation


The Chinese city where the global coronavirus pandemic began partly reopened on Saturday, after more than two months of almost total isolation.…

Tracey Schofield, a nurse from Canada, contracted COVID-19 two months ago. She recovered in a couple weeks, and feels pretty healthy. But after 10 tests, she's still got it! She says that she doesn't smoke, or take medication, and is shocked at how long the virus has stayed alive in her body. She's not the only one with lingering effects from COVID-19. Chris Cuomo says he is still feeling the impact of the virus six weeks after emerging from isolation in his basement.
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and several premiers are warning that federal COVID-19 emergency aid could discourage some people from going back to work.
Armando Mendoza was sent off with cheers after spending 45 days battling COVID-19 at St. Joseph hospital, the longest stint of any local coronavirus patient.
An Ohio woman who recovered from COVID-19 tells the story of her long road to recovery. One Americas Stefan Kleinhenz has more from Washington.

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