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Al Jazeera 9 Aug 2020

COVID-19: Chile death toll tops 10,000


While much attention is focused on Brazil's fight against the coronavirus, other Latin American countries are also struggling to contain surging outbreaks.
Peru has hit 20,000 deaths.
On Saturday, Chile reached more than 10,000; it has one of the highest death tolls per million people anywhere in the world.

Al Jazeera's Alessandro Rampietti reports from Bogota, Colombia.

Argentina's coronavirus death toll passes 10,000
The pandemic reached a grim milestone in Mexico. More than 50,000 have died of COVID-19 in the country making it third in the world in death toll, behind only the United States and Brazil.
Authorities fear that both the number of cases and deaths are likely significantly higher than reported.
Mexico has done only a little over 1 million tests to date, which is less than 1 for every 100 residents.
With coronavirus cases surging across the U.S., there are new concerns about large gatherings taking place in multiple cities with no social distancing or masks, including a crowded concert in New York.
The US death toll from coronavirus has passed 200,000.
The United States reached the benchmark after another 115 deaths were reported on Tuesday.
According to Johns Hopkins University, while only about 4 percent of the global population, the US has accounted for approximately 20 percent of coronavirus deaths globally.
Al Jazeera's John Hendren has the story from Chicago.

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