Newsy 8 Apr 2020

Court Upholds Texas Abortion Ban


A panel of Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals judges ruled Texas can include most abortions in its list of non-medically necessary surgeries.

This overrules a previous decision that said abortions could be performed while the ban's legality was determined in the courts.
The U.S. Supreme Court could soon tackle an abortion crackdown in Texas. The state deemed the procedure a non-essential medical service amid the coronavirus crisis. CBS News reporter Kate Smith joins CBSN to break down the latest developments.
Signs of desperation: A line of cars stretches more than a mile as people wait to receive free items from an El Paso, Texas, food bank. (April 22)
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says he expects the state's near-total ban on abortion during the coronavirus outbreak to reach the Supreme Court. CBS News reporter Kate Smith joined CBSN to talk about her exclusive interview with Paxton.

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