MSNBC 14 Sep 2020

Court Foils Republican Green Party Ballot Scam To Sap Democratic Votes In Wisconsin


Rachel Maddow reports on the failure of Republican effort to put a Green Party candidate on the ballot in Wisconsin in the hopes of drawing away Democratic votes the way Jill Stein did in the 2016 election, handing a victory in the state to Donald Trump. Aired on 09/14/2020.

Kamala Harris says that investing in an entrepreneurial class is one of Joe Biden's priorities, specifically investing in access to capital through the Small Business Administration, and putting money into opportunity zones. Harris says that it is about "an investment in not only those specific communities but in our country. Understanding that some of the greatest sources of wealth, and intergenerational wealth, come about through that kind of focus." Aired on 9/07/2020.
Two Green Party leadership hopefuls say they were subjected to racist slurs during a virtual candidates' town hall. The slurs were sent via the virtual meeting's chat box.

A portion of the Republican National Convention is set to take place in Charlotte, North Carolina. Meanwhile, the state's incumbent Republican Senator Thom Tillis is trailing behind his Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham. Nick Ochsner, investigative executive producer at CBS affiliate WBTV, joins CBSN's Lana Zak with the latest.
Jessica Mendoza joins Mike Greenberg on Get Up to react to New York Yankees vs. Washington Nationals in their opening-night game, featuring Gerrit Cole's debut and Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton both having big games. They then discuss the Los Angeles Dodgers' win vs. the San Francisco Giants, and how Walker Buehler, Dustin May and Ross Stripling are important pitchers as Clayton Kershaw ages and battles injuries, and talk about Major League Baseball's 16-team expanded playoffs. Finally (3:50) Mendoza reveals her top five position players in MLB, which are in alphabetical order: Mookie Betts of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Alex Bregman of the Houston Astros, Juan Soto of the Washington Nationals, Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels and Christian Yelich of the Milwaukee Brewers.
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