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DW News 28 Aug 2020

Could the coronavirus lockdown be a roadmap to a greener future?


No one wants a second coronavirus lockdown. But the coronavirus pandemic showed us a glimpse of a less polluted world. The challenge is aiming for that, while avoiding the damage to our livelihoods and the economy. A disruption to industrial fishing has seen some fish stocks explode. Now the question is, did the lockdown show a path to a more sustainable economy and a less polluted planet?

U.S. citizens living in the U.S.- Mexico border city have become more motivated to vote in this year's presidential election. Here is why.
The health situation in #Belgium is worse than in March during the first wave of the #Covid-19 #pandemic, with cases of infection reaching new highs and the number of people in hospital doubling each week, officials said on Monday.
A COVID-19 lockdown begins Monday for Toronto and Peel Region, and it will last at least 28 days.
Police could be granted access to details gathered by COVID-19 contact tracers in call centres.

The force will not have access to data gathered via the coronavirus app, and the Department of Health and Social Care has said information will only be shared "with appropriate safeguards and in accordance with the law".

But the British Medical Association has raised concerns the move could deter people from being tested for the virus altogether.

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