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The Guardian 17 Oct 2019

Could Donald Trump actually be impeached?


Things are getting serious for Donald Trump. The swiftly unrolling Ukraine scandal could cause him to become only the third president to be impeached.But what is impeachment? How does it work? And how likely is it to happen? Adam Gabbatt has the answers

President Donald Trump has been attacking journalists instead of answering tough questions about the coronavirus pandemic at his press conferences.
Europe is trying to soften the economic blow dealt by the coronavirus. EU leaders have signed off on an emergency rescue package to help countries deal with the immediate fallout of the crisis. They also agreed to set up a fund to secure the bloc's long term recovery. But they are still divided on how this should be financed. Wealthier northern countries are refusing to pool debt as requested by some southern countries. But Germany has agreed to increase the amount it pays into the EU budget.
US President Donald Trump is being criticized by medical experts for suggesting that injections of disinfectant or the use of ultraviolet light might help to cure coronavirus patients. Trump made the comments after an official outlined research on the effects of sunlight and household disinfectants on the virus outside the body.
Some other latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic:
- The global death toll from Covid-19 has surpassed 190-thousand, according to Johns Hopkins University. The number of confirmed cases is approaching three million.
- China has reported no new coronavirus deaths for the ninth straight day, and just six new cases. Two of those were brought from overseas, with four domestic cases.
- Indonesia will temporarily ban domestic and international air and sea travel starting this week. It's already banned movement from cities to the provinces during the Ramadan holiday period.
- And Hungary plans to replace its lockdown -- which included a blanket curfew on the entire population -- with more targetted measures from early May. The new rules are to focus on those at high-risk.
President Donald Trump claimed he's been treated worse by the media than Abraham Lincoln. Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin explained why he's wrong on CNN.
Rachel Maddow shares video of Donald Trump melting down and walking out on his own press conference, and wonders about the circumstances that have left him unable to function as the nation reels in a state of crisis. Aired on 05/11/2020.

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