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BBC News 27 Feb 2020

Coronavirus: with 3 more cases confirmed how prepared is the UK for the virus?


Three more people have tested positive in the UK for coronavirus - with Northern Ireland confirming its first case tonight. All of them were infected after travelling to Italy or Tenerife. They're now being treated at specialist NHS infection centres.

To date more than seven and a half thousand people in the UK have been tested for the virus 16 were positive. Eight of them have now been discharged from hospital. But with more cases expected to emerge, the Government is set to launch a new public health campaign.

Fears about the impact the virus could have on the global economy has caused markets to plunge today. We hear about the reaction from Wall Street

Coronavirus has now spread to 50 countries and reached every continent except Antarctica. Worldwide, there have been more than 82 thousand cases and two thousand eight hundred deaths - almost all of them in Hubei in China, the province where the outbreak began. We have been speaking to one doctor on the frontline in Wuhan.

Featuring reports by Health Editor, Hugh Pym, North America Business Correspondent, Michelle Fleury and China Correspondent, John Sudworth as part of the BBC News at Ten's coverage of the coronavirus outbreak

After originating in Asia, reaching Europe and Northern America, Covid-19 is now quickly spreading across the African continent. The number of confirmed cases in Africa shot past the 2,000 mark on Wednesday, but the true number of cases is mostly unknown as mass testing has not been rolled out. The majority of the continent's 54 countries have registered infections. Ivory Coast and Senegal have both made declared states of emergency, and South Africa will begin a lockdown starting Thursday. Over the weekend, the Democratic Republic of Congo registered its first death. Now the country closed its borders and declared a state of emergency. President Felix Chizzy-kedi says the country is "at war with an invisible adversary".
In this Covid-19 special we're looking at how African countries are preparing for the upcoming challenge on their already vulnerable healthcare systems.
Forty two more people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the UK in the last 24 hours, taking the total to 206.
At least 631 people have now died from coronavirus in Italy - an increase of 168 in a single day.

But will the UK follow the same trend as cases continue to rise in the UK?

Ministers have accepted that the coronavirus outbreak will spread in a "significant way'" within the UK, meaning many people are likely to need hospital treatment.
India is attempting to track down people who attended a gathering of Muslim religious leaders, after 24 of those attending tested positive for the coronavirus which causes COVID-19.
As many as 1,500 people from across India and other countries attended the meeting in the capital, New Delhi.
Around 700 people have been sent to a quarantine centre, while hundreds more are in hospital.
India is under lockdown, with people ordered to remain indoors until April 15.
Al Jazeera's Elizabeth Puranam reports from New Delhi.

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