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BBC News 12 Jan 2021

Coronavirus: Why are so many children still in England's schools?


England's schools have closed during its third lockdown but many schools across the country have reported an increased demand for key worker places.

While some 200 vaccines are in development across the world, not one French company is yet to reach stage three clinical trials. As FRANCE 24 health editor Julia Sieger explains, the reasons include the methods being used to obtain the vaccine, and a decision not to start clinical trials on animals.
Sinus infections are incredibly common, and it could be linked to our evolution on this planet. In the season 2 premiere of Human, Patrick explains why humans are so prone to these painful infections.
Perú sobrepasa el million de infectados por coronavirus
Protesters went into the Capitol building, damaged property, and violated a number of federal laws. But why are the police not making arrests? NBC News' Pete Williams reports.

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