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DW News 5 Apr 2020

Coronavirus USA: What is Donald Trump's strategy?


In the US, numbers of coronavirus infections, and COVID-19 deaths, are spiraling, while public health officials struggle to equip hospitals with what they need. President Donald Trump seems to have largely stopped downplaying the scale and the danger, while US citizens adapt to the precautions needed to limit the spread of the virus.

Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer welcomed the announcement that Parliament is going to be recalled as he said opposition parties need to be able to scrutinise the government.

"We need to know what the exit strategy is," he said, calling on the Tories to publish their plans for ending the #coronavirus lockdown and developing a vaccine.

He said it was be "smart" of the government to acknowledge its provision of PPE is not "where it should be".

In the daily briefing earlier this week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said to avoid the "disaster" of a second peak the UK must keep the R rate below one.

But what is the R number and why does it matter?

BBC health correspondent Laura Foster explains what governments are aiming for and why it matters.

Video by Terry Saunders, Laura Foster and Tobias Chapple
CNN's Don Lemon slammed President Donald Trump's response to a unifying message from former president George W. Bush amidst the coronavirus pandemic and questioned Trump's frequent attacks on former president Barack Obama.
The NHS has introduced a test and trace schemes to help the UK lift lockdown measures and stop the spread of coronavirus.

Thousands of contact tracers have been recruited to notify people - by email, text or by phone - if they've come into contact with someone with Covid-19.

Wales launched their system on 1 June and England, Scotland and Northern Ireland have systems up and running.

The UK's test and trace app is currently being trialled on the Isle of Wight but isn't ready yet to be rolled out elsewhere.

BBC Health and Science correspondent, Laura Foster, explains what is meant by track and trace, how it works and how it can keep the R number low.

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