Euronews 6 May 2020

Coronavirus: Travellers charged €190 at Vienna airport to avoid 14-day COVID-19 quarantine


Austria says anyone arriving at its airports or land borders without proof they are COVID-19-free must go into isolation.…

Armando Mendoza was sent off with cheers after spending 45 days battling COVID-19 at St. Joseph hospital, the longest stint of any local coronavirus patient.
The airport and travel industry have been completely transformed thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. We take a look at the San Francisco International Airport, how it's been changed thanks to the outbreak and what other airports could like after the pandemic is over.
McDonald's sent franchise operators in the United States a detailed instruction manual outlining requirements for reopening dining rooms. CNN's Brian Todd looks at what will change for you.

"The whole response has been disjointed and this quarantine proposal is no different in that at all stages the government has followed on behind and played catch up," Professor Gabriel Scally tells Euronews.…

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