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The Guardian 20 Apr 2020

Coronavirus tests: what they are and how they can help


There's a lot of talk about coronavirus testing at the moment, but some people are getting confused about what they actually are. How is the antibody test different to the PCR antigen test? What do they do? And why are they important? Josh Toussaint-Strauss speaks with Professor David Smith to answer some of these covid-19 questions

Experts are divided as to how much of a risk coronavirus poses to kids. Or whether they are even able to spread the virus. It's also unclear why children either have no symptoms or very mild ones. So far, studies have come to varying conclusions. Are kids safe from the virus? Or are they at risk?
Together we can help stop the spread of coronavirus. By staying home, you can help save lives. Learn how to protect yourself and others at #AloneTogether
Bob Costas joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss how major American sports leagues are trying to make a safe return amid the coronavirus pandemic. Aired on 05/01/2020.
Dr. John Torres explains what antibodies are and how they fight viruses like COVID-19, Kate Snow talks with a group of kids about how they're feeling while continuing life at home and our friend Leo Kelly (better known as the "Shirley Temple King") shares how he is helping others during the pandemic.

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